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  • Sticker Burs: Tiny Seeds, Big Problems

    06 Mar Sticker Burs: Tiny Seeds, Big Problems

    Sticker Burs are some of the more serious pet hazards in our area: not only can they work their way into any part of your dog or cat, but they’re very hard to find in a pet’s fur. They like to get around, too—a bur......

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  • Of Pets and Parasites

    06 Mar Of Pets and Parasites

    Our pets are prone to get parasites—it happens, even for our furry friends who only live indoors. As pet owners, it’s important to know what kind of parasites can affect your pet and what you can do about it. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, they......

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  • Pet Poison Prevention

    06 Mar Pet Poison Prevention

    National Poison Prevention Week, which was enacted by Congress in 1961, always occurs on the third week in March. This year for 2019, it falls from March 18 to March 24th. So, what exactly is the purpose of National Poison Prevention Week? This specific week......

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