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  • Got a Friend With a Pet Who Needs a Vet?

    14 Feb Got a Friend With a Pet Who Needs a Vet?

    It could mean a $15 credit on your account! AMC of Tyler knows that word-of-mouth is the best way to gain new clients, and that’s why when you refer a friend, acquaintance or family member, we’ll give you $15 for every new client who makes an......

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  • A Pet Dental Deal You'll Love

    14 Feb A Pet Dental Deal You’ll Love

    Most pet owners have had that moment: your dog reaches up and gives you an affectionate “kiss” … or your cat rubs her face against yours and ugh. That smell. Many times it’s the first indication we have that something’s wrong with our pet’s oral health. Animals......

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  • Pet Steal Your Heart

    14 Feb Pet Steal Your Heart?

    If so, it could be a serious problem! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s important to keep all those heart-shaped boxes of treats out of paw’s reach. Chocolate is extremely dangerous to both dogs and cats. The toxic substance in chocolate is theobromine, and it......

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