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Dr. Laura Cauthen

Dr. Cathy Cooper

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  • Catch-Up on Your Pets Flea and Tick Prevention

    12 Jun Catch-Up On Your Pet’s Care

    We know that you might have canceled an appointment or let routine care slide during the COVID-19 crisis. No problem—we’re here to make sure your pet stays healthy and protected. In our region of the country parasite prevention is a must—we have some of the highest heartworm......

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  • COVID 19 Updates - Animal Medical Center of Tyler

    12 Jun COVID19 Updates

    First, we want to express our gratitude to our clients for your patience and understanding as we navigated this challenging time. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with our adjusted procedures during the past weeks. We are happy to report that our hospital is once again......

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  • Sticker Burs: Tiny Seeds, Big Problems

    06 Mar Sticker Burs: Tiny Seeds, Big Problems

    Sticker Burs are some of the more serious pet hazards in our area: not only can they work their way into any part of your dog or cat, but they’re very hard to find in a pet’s fur. They like to get around, too—a bur......

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