A Pet Dental Deal You’ll Love

Most pet owners have had that moment: your dog reaches up and gives you an affectionate “kiss” … or your cat rubs her face against yours and ugh. That smell.

Many times it’s the first indication we have that something’s wrong with our pet’s oral health.

Animals tend to be stoic about pain, so they often won’t let on when teeth or gums are causing them discomfort—but by age three, most dogs and cats have some symptoms of periodontal disease. Left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss, pain, and eventually, serious illness.

That’s why during National Pet Dental Health Month in February, AMC of Tyler is offering a 20/20 Dental Deal: 20% off dental X-rays and 20% off dental procedures! That could save you up to $72!  

Now that’s a something to smile about! Spots will fill up fast—make an appointment for your pet online or call us at (903) 617-6891.