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Catch-Up On Your Pet’s Care

We know that you might have canceled an appointment or let routine care slide during the COVID-19 crisis. No problem—we’re here to make sure your pet stays healthy and protected.
In our region of the country, parasite prevention is a must—we have some of the highest heartworm rates in the nation and fleas and ticks don’t take vacations.

These parasites are more than just annoying. Heartworm is potentially deadly, and treatment can be expensive and hard on your pet. Fleas can give your pet tapeworm, anemia, trigger allergies, and hotspots. Ticks are a serious concern because they can carry a variety of debilitating diseases, including Lyme disease, and many of these illnesses can infect humans as well.

It’s also a good idea to think about catching up on important wellness and preventive care for your pet like vaccinations, dental exams and cleanings, spay/neuter surgery, and grooming.

If you need to refill and restart medications, we can help with that as well—but it’s important to note that some prescriptions and preventatives may require that your pet be tested before you resume them.

If you have questions about any of these services or need to make an appointment, you are welcome to book online or just give us a call at (903) 617-6891!