Behavior & Nutrition

Behavior & Nutrition

Help your pet stay on its best behavior.

Pets can’t tell you something is wrong, so it’s important you are able to spot unusual shifts in mood or behavior. These changes are often a symptom of an underlying medical issue and could indicate more serious health problems. If you notice your pet acting abnormally you should schedule an appointment with Animal Medical Center of Tyler immediately.

Our experienced staff can determine the medical cause for your pet’s unusual behavior and work thoroughly to fix the problem, helping them return to their happy and loving selves.

You are what you eat. Preventative care starts with food.

A nutrition-rich diet is your pet’s first line of defense. Proper daily nutrition is an important factor for keeping your pet healthy, bolstering the immune system and supporting normal development in younger animals.

Every pet’s nutritional needs are different, making feeding them more complicated than it seems. Pet food education is a great way to learn important facts about beneficial nutrients, food safety, and breed-specific feeding requirements.

Your pet depends on you to make the right nutrition choices for them, make sure you know how. Animal Medical Center of Tyler has a variety of nutritionally balanced diets as well as prescription diets which include Hill’s and Purina Proplan Veterinary Diets.  All the diets we carry and more are available on our online pharmacy for your convince as well.

Have questions or concerns about pet nutrition? Schedule an appointment with an Animal Medical Center of Tyler veterinary nutrition expert today.

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